TVWstock six

Is a totally non-profit event run by unpaid volunteers.

All the marshalls / organisers etc. Give their time for free.

The wonderful Artists that come from all over the UK and some from abroad not only perform for

no remuneration they also pay for their own expenses.

The Charity ‘Hope Restored’ that we support is run by unpaid Volunteers

The event operating costs are met by event sponsors who wish to support the charity and the equipment is loaned or hired from local companies and individuals.

Every penny raised on the day goes to the charity ‘Hope Restored’ who inturn spend every penny

supporting the Local homeless

In the last three years the money collected for charity at ‘TVWstock’ is in excess of £12,000



The festival which caters for a wide range of musical tastes and serves a number

of purposes:


Encourages community partnership working and provides an opportunity for local

organisations to support young musicians and a worth while cause at the same time.

It encourages young and relatively unknown musicians including those from the area by

 showcasing their talents and gives them the chance to appear alongside much more  experienced and high profile artists.



To raise money for charities serving those in need. This year we will be supporting Hope Restored, the Llandudno Homeless

charity, who have received a number of national awards and recently extended their activity to provide an overnight shelter.


15 year old Lisa Wood Hewitt

Hope Restored

Llandudno Homeless charity

TVWstock Details